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I am really happy to have found The inner peace network to support me in my spiritual journey. Their lectures by teachers from all over the world, are filled with wisdom and inspiration, and are easy to access and follow. Whenever I have been in need of guidance, there was always a lecture that seemed to answer my questions and enable further growth towards inner peace.

Therese, Yoga Teacher and Coach


Attending the Inner Peace Conference is truly a one of a kind experience. When do you ever get the chance to wander around the city of Amsterdam, seeing the most beautiful churches the city has to offer, and in each and every one of them get blown away by the authentic and deep wisdom of the teachings that were shared? The quality of the teachings were of such high standard, and I can truly recommend attending the conference to anyone who has only the slightest interest in yoga, meditation or spirituality.

Marlot, Studio Coordinator


Our whole inner life consists of networks that are controlled in different ways. Getting to know these inner ways, our own inner network, is like traveling to a distant land. Exciting, adventurous, full of beauty, but also laborious and ugly. Not to be alone on this trip, but to rather have companions, tour guides and friends, will strengthen your own competencies in order to face everything that appears with confidence and without bias. The Inner Peace network gives you that confidence. And like every journey, home is ultimately the destination.

Marie, Doctor

About Inner Peace

Inner Peace Network is an online space where you connect with like-minded people and Creators from diverse wisdom traditions.

We are co-creating this online community to make peace within accessible for all - everytime and everywhere. By providing you with inspiring Courses with Creators from diverse wisdom traditions and connection to like-minded individuals, we strive to be here for you on your unique inner journey.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we seriously care about your well-being. Our community celebrates diversity and opens the door for people from all walks of life. We thank you for being here.

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