About Inner Peace Network

Welcome to the Inner Peace Network, an online community where you connect with like-minded people and teachers from the great wisdom traditions. Our thriving Inner Peace Conferences in Amsterdam and New York inspired us to create this online space for you - a space to celebrate unity in diversity and experience peace within.

Inner Peace Network is an online space where you connect with like-minded people and teachers from diverse wisdom traditions. We co-create this online community to make peace within accessible for all- every-time and every-where. Providing you with inspiring Courses with teachers from diverse wisdom traditions and connection to like-minded individuals, we strive to inspire your very unique inner journey.

We don’t take ourselves too serious, but we seriously care about your well-being. Our community celebrates diversity and opens the door for people from all walks of life.

We thank you for being here. Inner Peace Network. The space to be.

Inner Peace Network

Our Mission

Making peace within accessible for all

A new era - time for growth and change.
We are currently standing on the brink of a new era. Humanity and our planet today are presented with a huge challenge. A challenge, however, that brings along an equal amount of opportunities. With the current COVID-19 crisis and associated economic and social fallout, these times require a revision of our priorities and definitions of success. It is a tremendous time for growth and change.

Disconnected from nature and ourselves.
Our world is a much better place than it was just a few decades ago. We have seen massive improvements in quality of healthcare and an increase of lifespan, economic growth, and access to goods. Yet, the grand experiment is simultaneously failing. We are in the midst of a global stress and health epidemic. Racial and economic inequities are rampant. There is an epidemic of loneliness, feeling more disconnected from ourselves and others than ever before. By pillaging the planet, the civilized world has become heavily disconnected from nature and our human, inner nature of peace, kindness and commonality.

Thirst for truth, meaning, connection, and purpose apparent.
People are seeing the immense value of engaging in practices that lead them towards both health and inner peace. We are actively seeking, searching, and exploring, and more than that, thirsting for truth, meaning, connection, and purpose. It could be argued that the age of the seeker has not been so profound since the hippies started traveling East in the 1970’s. But this time it is different.

Inner peace to actualise outer peace.
The world needs inner peace to actualise outer-peace, but it must be authentic. It cannot be superficial. We need to go back to our roots, to the beholders of traditions who have been there all along, steadfast.

Inner Peace Network

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