About The Inner Peace Network

Welcome to the Inner Peace Network, a global platform; where you connect live with teachers from the great wisdom traditions of the world. Our thriving Inner Peace Conferences in Amsterdam and New York; inspired us to create this online space for you, to celebrate unity in diversity and experience peace within.

We invite you on this life-long journey to get inspired by meditative practices, wisdom talks, conscious insights and other deepening experiences with a global community of Inner Peace Keepers.

Our consciously curated program covers three themes: Conscious Living, Meaningful Relationships and Loving Action. The schedule includes daily classes, engaging workshops, in-depth Courses and global conferences.

We’re excited for you to join our movement of Inner Peace Keepers.

You are currently standing on the brink of an exciting new era - defined by equal amounts of opportunities and challenges. These times require a revision of priorities and definitions of success.

While progress has been made and in many ways our world has become a better place, the grand experiment is simultaneously failing. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and the burnout rate has grown into an expensive learning chapter in corporate life. Even though we seem to be more connected to each other than ever before, many of us feel more disconnected from ourselves. Disconnected from nature; our nature.

Fortunately, as we approach this new era, more and more people find value in authenticity, meaning, and sustainability in both their personal and professional lives. Spirituality, yoga, mindfulness, ancient wisdom, alternative medicine, and consciousness are evolving from buzzwords into actions and are consequently finding their way into ‘normal’ life.

The Inner Peace Network creates a space where you can be fully connected to all aspects of yourself. Drawing inspiration from speakers and musicians who are deeply committed to their path and connecting with like-minded seekers of truth, you will experience that the Inner Peace Network is much more than an online platform. It’s a movement. A global network of those who gather together to discover peace within. Throughout the year we host workshops, lectures, courses and gatherings, gradually beginning to form an undercurrent of a life lived in peace and deep connection.