The Mighty Heart

with Scilla Elworthy

The purpose of this Course is to be pragmatic, to offer you tools and human skills that can help address whatever part of the current crises you have to face. Why is this useful? Because every single one of us has a heart, and when that heart can develop its full compassionate nature, we feel stronger. In this 3-part Course we shall study and practice together - to meet our darker sides and our inner critic, to take a stand on issues we care about, and to each grow our own Mighty Heart. Read more...

In this Course:

6 hrs of class time

Class 1: Challenges and Opportunities of the Pandemic

Class 2: The Inner Critic and Meeting your Shadow

Class 3: Take a Stand and Grow your Own Mighty Heart

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About Course with Scilla Elworthy

The real strength needed for world-change today demands that we grow our hearts. The heart is a source of wisdom, spiritual insight, thought, and emotion.

Challenges and opportunities of the pandemic: In this Course, you will learn why – in this time of turbulence, uncertainty and anxiety – there is a huge opportunity to develop the power of the heart to heal, heal ourselves first and then heal the conflicts that rage or growl around us. Healing may not seem very glamorous, but it does do something astonishing – it transforms lives.

Living well and serving our community and colleagues through the pandemic requires one capacity above all, a Mighty Heart. All of our greatest heroes and heroines have gone through the process of painfully opening their hearts, stretching that massive organ until it can hold not only their own pain, but the pain of others, as well as joy. You can feel it, the joy of loving that transforms your heart. Anyone, anywhere on the planet, can grow a bigger and mightier heart, and be the kind of human being that our world needs now.

The Inner Critic and meeting your Shadow: Within everyone, there are critical forces that can crush our imagination and cripple our energy, shrivel our ideas and reduce us to helpless inaction. Many people, even the most successful, suffer from what is called “imposter syndrome,” meaning they fear that they will be unmasked as a fraud. In this Course, you will learn how these are the forces that breed anger inside us. Why? Because while we cannot face what our critic constantly tells us is wrong with us, we tend to project this inadequacy onto others in the form of criticism or accusation. These are the forces we need to face and transform.

Take a stand and grow your own Mighty Heart: It is so easy to tense up when we know we must say something difficult to an employer, a teacher, or even to a colleague. We forget to breathe, our brain freezes up, we can’t find the right words and we feel fragile, instead of steady and grounded. “When I tried to do this with nuclear policy makers in the early days, I made all these mistakes and often felt disappointed with myself afterwards.” - quote by Scilla Elworthy.


Scilla Elworthy

Scilla Elworthy is a true advocate for living a non-violent life. She is a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and her TED talk on nonviolence has reached over 1.5 million people showing them step by step how to deal with bullies without becoming a thug.

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