Harmonising the Hip - Sacral Chakra connection

with Cheryl Mascarenhas

Hips are a part the Sacral chakra. Here we are going to establish a connection between our hips and emotions. Class is directed to letting go off the burdens we hold on to and allowing us to heal as the hips open up. Read more...

In this Course:

5 hrs of class time

Class 1: Return Home - Calm the Chatter

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Class 2: Tone it Up - Hamstrings & Glutes

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Class 3: Unwind to Create Strong, Flexible Hips

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Class 4: Sacral Chakra Focussed Vinyasa Flow

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€75 | $85

About Course with Cheryl Mascarenhas

We are going to learn to establish a connection between our emotions and hips. Each class is curated to understand the anatomy and biomechanics of the hips.

The hips are a part of the 2nd chakra – the Sacral chakra. There has been a clear connection between tight hips and the emotions we hold on to. If we dig deep we realise that we hold on to things beyond our control. The body stores joys, sorrows, fears, and memories in different parts. The hips take the burden of most of these feelings. Each time we experience moments of pain or fear, restlessness, or anxiety; the hips capture them.

Return Home - Calm the Chatter: As we spend time noticing the emotions lodged in our hips we are going to heal and let go of our attachments. We will lay the foundation for our practice with this gentle and therapeutic class to calm the chatter in our minds.

Tone it Up - Hamstrings & Glutes: Hamstrings and glutes play an important role in maintaining the health of our hips. The tightness of these muscles can cause us deep pain and restrict movement. In this class, we will take time to strengthen them as we deepen our practice with creative vinyasa flows.

Unwind to Create Strong, Flexible Hips: Twists and turns help us in creating fluidity and strength in our hips. In this class, we will practice several movements that will create a balance between strength and flexibility. We will sweat out our stress with a beautiful vinyasa flow.

Sacral Chakra Focussed Vinyasa Flow: In this class, we will dig deeper into the hip opening and forward folding practices to unleash creativity as we cultivate fluidity in the pelvis. We will tune into the sacral chakra as we go through a ladder flow vinyasa class. This will be an energizing flow to release any tension we still hold on to.


Cheryl Mascarenhas

Cheryl is a trained embryologist and Ashtanga yoga practitioner. She is very passionate about the practice and feels that teaching is her life’s purpose. It allows her to accept herself with more love and kindness. For her, yoga means connection and she is looking forward to connecting with people from all over the world.

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