Traditional Prānāyāma

with Harshvardhan Jhaveri

Preparing for prānāyāma is vital as it lays the foundation for a good practice. This master class is a guide to build your prānāyāma practice in the traditional way with stability and comfort. When we approach the practice in a logical and methodized manner, we can derive the maximum benefits.The practice naturally leads you to deeper yogic states and will be revitalizing. Read more...

In this Course:

9 hrs of class time

Class 1: I. Pre Prānāyāma practices

Monday 7 Dec 20:00h - 21:30h

Class 2: II. Sūrya - Understanding piṅgala nāḍī

Monday 21 Dec 20:00h - 21:30h

Class 3: II. Soma - Practices to cool down the body

Monday 4 Jan 20:00h - 21:30h

Class 4: II. Agni - A deeper insight into Agni

Monday 18 Jan 20:00h - 21:30h

Class 5: II. Ānanda - Practice of prānāyāma to calm the senses

Monday 1 Feb 20:00h - 21:30h

Class 6: III. Pātañjaladarśanam Prānāyāma Abhāyasa

Monday 15 Feb 20:00h - 21:30h

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About Course with Harshvardhan Jhaveri

Prānāyāma is tapas which heats up the body and prepares the mind for deeper states of concentration and meditation.

Pre Prānāyāma practices: You will learn how to prepare for the practice. The practice of kriyā and mudrā helps to channelize the energy properly and prepare the body and mind for prānāyāma. We will also do some basic breathing exercises like pursed-lip breathing to warm up the respiratory organs and muscles.
Kumbhaka - Understanding of subtle body maps in Haṭha Yoga - Nāḍī, Cakra, Sthāna, and practice of prānāyāma techniques found in 15th-century yogic text Haṭha Pradīpikā authored by Svātmārāma. The practice of prānāyāma will lead us into meditation.

Sūrya: You will grow understanding of piṅgala nāḍī or the solar channel and practices to warm up the body.

Soma: You will learn practices to cool down the body and influence the flow of prāna in iḍā nāḍī or the lunar channel.

Agni: You will gain deeper insight into Agni and understanding suṣhumnā - the central channel.

Ānanda: You will practice prānāyāma to calm the senses, withdraw them, and turn inwards to the fountain of bliss.

Pātañjaladarśanam Prānāyāma Abhāyasa: In this session, you will be guided to practice prānāyāma as discussed in the Yoga sūtras. You will also learn simple effective practical tips to integrate into your daily life.
The Course covers Introduction to Prānāyāma | Principles of Prānāyāma | Practice of Kriyā, Mudrā, Bandha and Aṣtakumbhaka (8 varieties of prānāyāma) | Dhāranā and Dhyāna (Meditation).


Harshvardhan Jhaveri

Harsh is a practicing yoga scholar from Kaivalyadhāma. His mission is to live, teach and widen the horizon of the spiritual message of yoga. An ascendance of mighty peace is the greatest takeaway experienced by his students.

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