Live Interactive

All our Courses are live and interactive. They take place in real time giving you possibility to fully connect with teachers and learn the most. Live sessions also give you an opportunity to meet like-minded students and share the journey together.

Unlock Your Natural Healing Powers

Livestream with Dr. Vijith Sasidhar

Understanding how your body works is the key to feeling better. Join Dr Vijith on a journey inside your own unique body and mind. Learn how to intuitively understand its needs and elevate your overall health. Get in tune with the natural healing energies within. Based upon the ancient learning of Ayurveda you start to understand how your energetic systems can naturally improve your immunity, helping to prevent diseases. Take the time now to set yourself up for a life filled with vitality, happiness and well-being.

5 classes


Traditional Prānāyāma

Livestream with Harshvardhan Jhaveri

Preparing for prānāyāma is vital as it lays the foundation for a good practice. This master class is a guide to build your prānāyāma practice in the traditional way with stability and comfort. When we approach the practice in a logical and methodized manner, we can derive the maximum benefits.The practice naturally leads you to deeper yogic states and will be revitalizing.

6 classes


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Discover Your Natural Self

Livestream with Quazzy Herd

Using Meditation, Ayurveda, and the Chakra System, we create a mapping to understand the big question: “Who are we?” By knowing who we are, we move through life purposefully.

6 classes


The Mighty Heart

Livestream with Scilla Elworthy

The purpose of this Course is to be pragmatic, to offer you tools and human skills that can help address whatever part of the current crises you have to face. Why is this useful? Because every single one of us has a heart, and when that heart can develop its full compassionate nature, we feel stronger. In this 3-part Course we shall study and practice together - to meet our darker sides and our inner critic, to take a stand on issues we care about, and to each grow our own Mighty Heart.

3 classes


The Power of Memory - Vedic Chanting

Livestream with Shantala Sriramaiah

Developing our power of memory is no ordinary investment from a Vedic perspective. In its full potential, memory serves our intellect by retaining important life lessons. The Vedas also tell us that this power is much more than a simple ability to remember. It is also the power to hold several perspectives at hand for reflection and analysis.

4 classes


Living in The Now - Satsang Special

Livestream with Katiza Satya

Life is a continuous flow of energy, happening freely and gracefully in harmony with our environment and within ourselves. It is pure intelligence, direct and immediate. All manifestations and situations are continuously inviting us to experience life simply as it is.

4 classes