Shantala Sriramaiah

Shantala studied Sanskrit chanting and Indian scriptures from an early age as part of her family tradition in Bangalore, India. She has been mentored by several Vedic scholars and teaches an international community in Belgium. She is especially keen on connecting aspirants with the relevance of Vedas for personal development.

  • What’s your life motto?
    Spend your time on the most important things.
  • What is Inner Peace for you?
    Clarity of mind and living with purpose.
  • Could you describe your most peaceful moment/situation?
    Each time, after my Gāyatrī japa.
  • What experience taught you the most in your life?
    Having kids and trying to raise them as good humans.
  • What was the most valuable piece of advice that you received?
    You are more resourceful that you think.
  • Who/What is your biggest teacher?
    Just everyday life, things not going as planned!
  • What do you do when you have a bad day?
    Go for a long walk if possible.
  • If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?
    To be a great writer.
  • What is your funniest/most defining/most beautiful characteristic?
    There is no one thing that defines me

Shantala teaches Vedic recitation to an international community in Brussels and globally through her online platform and classes. The majority of her inspiration comes from her mother, Saroja, who taught chanting classes at their family’s home for over 30 years. Shantala is very grateful to the early exposure to Sanskrit chanting and Indian scriptures through her family tradition and school education. Born and raised in Bangalore, India, she is an engineer by qualification and enjoyed a 20-year career specializing in Learning & Development before making the change to become a Vedic chanting teacher. Her teaching style draws from her professional experience, as she brings structure, detail and clear methodology to her teachings. She developed a unique system to help students accurately and thoroughly learn all nuances of Vedic phonetics.

The ultimate goal in her teachings is to create a community of regular practitioners who are inspired by and benefit from the knowledge of Vedas. She is a student of Sri M. S. Sreenivasan of The Challakere Brothers who has been guiding her Vedic recitation practice and mentoring her teaching. She lives in Brussels, Belgium with her husband and two children.

Learn more about Shantala by visiting her website.


In the Vedas, you can experience the wonder, the joy, and the knowledge which are within you, but need the mantric impulse to be liberated.

Jean Le Mée