Toryo Ito

Toryo Ito is the Deputy Chief Priest at Ryosokuin Temple, as well as an entrepreneur that started the InTrip and XEXE project. After three years of training at Kenninji Temple's monastery, Toryo joined the Ryosokuin Temple where he was appointed Deputy Priest in 2008. Since then, he has continued to propose new expressions of Buddhism by combining yoga, art, and traditional culture. He is designing the temple as a community that restores quality by reconstructing fields, food, gardens, architecture, saunas, self-care, residences, burials, and circulation.

  • What is Inner Peace to you?
    生活の身近な美を発見する事。To discover beauty in everyday life.
  • Could you describe your most peaceful moment/situation?
    子供と遊ぶ時 庭の手入れをする時 When I play with my kids, when I am tending my garden.
  • What do you do when you have a bad day?
    妻と話す Talk to my wife

In April 2020, he launched an online zazen meditation group, “UnXe”by XeXe, where he serves as Chairperson. XeXe is a project that explores the beauty and wisdom that Zen nurtures. In July 2020, he also launched the meditation app “InTrip“ and became the President and Chief Monk of “InTrip”. They are also developing a mobile temple called “Ukigumo- Floating Cloud”.

Since 2020, he has also been a “Well-being Mentor“ for a San Francisco cosmetics company and a Hong Kong wellness tech company. He is also in charge of executive coaching for several domestic companies, and has supervised many projects such as hotel space design, apparel brands, and mobility.


“Inscrutable are the ways of heaven”

from The Story of the Old Man and his Horse