Firestarter #2 Jude Currivan

Firestarter #2: Where New Science and Ancient Wisdom Meet
Featuring: Jude Currivan
Host: Maarten van Huijstee

Grab a seat to meet with Futurist, Cosmologist, and Ph.D. Jude Currivan. In an intimate setting, during a livestream session, she will share stories of her journey through more than 80 countries and multidimensional realities discovering a whole world of wisdom. Read more...

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You are in the front row and have the opportunity to ask your burning questions to this award-winning author and previously most senior businesswoman in the UK, who finance directed major international companies. Dive into what Jude has learned about quantum physics, unity awareness, and ways to empower your own consciousness. Be prepared to have your mind, beliefs, and perceptions of reality forever blown away.

Eddie Stern


Maarten van Huijstee

Founder of Wisdom in Business, the Inner Peace Conference, Delight Yoga and The Playing Circle

  • Maarten van Huijstee studied philosophy, meditation and movement with masters throughout the world ranging from Transcendental to more traditional Buddhist meditation
  • Advocates for anyone being able to achieve wisdom through inner work, openness and discipline
  • He has been helping creative and business leaders to make an inward journey to find their natural wisdom