Here is where the teachings and practices of the Inner peace Network are taken to a new level. Dive deep and see.

The Power of Memory - Vedic Chanting

With Shantala Sriramaiah

Developing our power of memory is no ordinary investment from a Vedic perspective. In its full potential, memory serves our intellect by retaining important life lessons. The Vedas also tell us that this power is much more than a simple ability to remember. It is also the power to hold several perspectives at hand for reflection and analysis.

4 classes - starts Mon. 19 Oct

99€ | 109$

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Therapeutic Yoga

With Ashna Zaveri & Anirudh Gupta

Our Masterclass is therapeutic in nature. While working with asanas on a physical level, we aim to create a deeper connection with our subtle body, thereby attaining mind, body and soul connection. A regular practise of therapeutic yoga offers a multitude of physical, emotional, and mental health benefits.

4 classes - starts Tue. 27 Oct

75€ | 85$

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The Mighty Heart

With Scilla Elworthy

The purpose of this Masterclass is to be pragmatic, to offer you tools and human skills that can help address whatever part of the current crises you have to face. Why is this useful? Because every single one of us has a heart, and when that heart can develop its full compassionate nature, we feel stronger. In this 3-part Masterclass we shall study and practice together - to meet our darker sides and our inner critic, to take a stand on issues we care about, and to each grow our own Mighty Heart.

3 classes - starts Mo. 16 Nov

149€ | 169$

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Living in The Now - Satsang Special

With Katiza Satya

Life is a continuous flow of energy, happening freely and gracefully in harmony with our environment and within ourselves. It is pure intelligence, direct and immediate. All manifestations and situations are continuously inviting us to experience life simply as it is.

4 classes - starts Wed. 2 Dec

99€ | 109$

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Harmonising the Hip - Sacral Chakra connection

With Cheryl Mascarenhas

Hips are a part the Sacral chakra. Here we are going to establish a connection between our hips and emotions. Class is directed to letting go off the burdens we hold on to and allowing us to heal as the hips open up.

4 classes - starts Thu. 3 Dec

75€ | 85$

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Karma, Reincarnation and The Science of Spiritual Awakening

With Dena Merriam

Karma is an intricate and complex interplay of causes and conditions, governed by law. This Masterclass will explore what karma is and how it works. It will include stories that show how it links one life to the next, and meditations on how to unknot difficult karmic conditions.

4 classes - starts Tue. 8 Dec

99€ | 109$

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Happiness and Resilience | The Science and Wisdom of Inner Peace and Thriving

With Gopi Kallayil & Dr. Jay Kumar

We all seek happiness. We all seek to be productive and to use our talents to make a difference in the world. We seek balance and equanimity through life’s ups and downs. Most of all, we seek this contentment - especially now - during the complexities experienced in this time of transformation.

8 classes

99€ | 109$

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