Anirudh Gupta

Incorporating the therapeutic principles of healing is what is essential for Anirudh in his yoga classes. He has been teaching Hatha or Restorative Yoga since 2014 in Mumbai, India, currently guiding around four classes a day. For him, it is equally important to teach the student how to access the pose as it is to get into the essence of the posture - to experience the feeling of it.

After spending over two and a half decades in the Indian financial markets, Anirudh consciously prepared himself to move ahead in higher realms of spirituality and yoga. His calling came after debilitating injuries, medical interventions and subsequent rehab with Iyengar Yoga. He has been extensively mentored for over ten years by Shri Kobad Variava, an Iyengar Yoga veteran of over 50 years, from Mumbai. Although he gained knowledge from other reputed teachers, his learning was mainly inspired by his early exposure to the Indian scriptures of Vedanta. The teachings of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati helped him grasp the subtleties of yoga, aiding his teaching style to have a confluence of therapeutic principles into the practice of yoga. He has been conducting numerous workshops in India and abroad, and currently leads online classes for students in Singapore, US, and Australia.


Fixed in yoga do thy work, O Arjuna, abandoning attachment, with an even mind in success and failure, for evenness of mind is called yoga

Bhagavad Gita