Cheryl Olinda Mascarenhas

Cheryl is a trained embryologist and Ashtanga yoga practitioner. She is very passionate about the practice and feels that teaching is her life’s purpose. It allows her to accept herself with more love and kindness. For her, yoga means connection and she is looking forward to connecting with people from all over the world.

Before stepping onto the path, she was an entrepreneur for seven years which took its toll on her lifestyle and made her decide to turn things around. While she used to love running and bodyweight training, when she encountered yoga, it changed her life forever. Currently, as an embryologist she runs a company that helps couples find happiness in conceiving, and yoga brings the necessary balance to her life.

The Ashtanga practice drew Cheryl to her mat every morning and years later, it continues to do the same. Like most practitioners, she was first mesmerized with asana, the physical practice of yoga. It took her several years to understand that yoga was beyond asana. Since then, she has explored kriyas, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and enjoys them all equally. It was these life-changing experiences that inspired Cheryl to her first yoga teacher training course and became certified to teach. She finds joy in helping students look beyond the mat when they practice.

Cheryl approaches the practice with mindfulness and specialises in breaking down postures in a fun and accessible way so that students gain a better understanding of what they can do on and off the mat. She strongly believes yoga is about establishing a connection with oneself and others as it makes one kinder, more compassionate, and loving. She believes the world can be a better place if we have more love in our hearts, forgive easily and help each other grow. She aims at spreading the magic of the practise and sheer joy with as many as possible.


There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it

Elizabeth A. Behnke