Janneke Krijgsman

Janneke left the corporate world to follow her heart’s calling; guiding people towards a more conscious way of living and working. Allowing people to reconnect to who they truly are, through yoga, meditation, music and coaching, is what continues to inspire her.

Looking back, I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life. I just didn’t always know I was.

While working long days and nights in advertising at the age of 25, I attended my first 10-day retreat. It blew me away. Right after the retreat I organized a workshop with the same teacher and invited all my friends. Not yet knowing that I had found what would later be a great love; meditation.

In fact, it took me quite some years before I realized that all the books I had read and all the yoga classes and workshops that I was attending weren’t supposed to be my occasional moments of truth, they were supposed to be what my life was all about.

And so, a more conscious journey took off. Over the last 10 years, I have been exploring meditation, yoga and breathwork, plant medicine, and music, with various teachers. The insights I gained through these practices have profoundly changed the way I live, work, and interact.
Today I teach yoga, facilitate in-company training, workshops, and retreats, and I run my coaching practice, where I guide people towards finding more truth and clarity in the challenges they meet in life.

Ultimately all my work is about reconnecting to who we truly are. The yoga, the music, the silence, the coaching. They all do the same thing. Reconnect to our deepest knowing, uncovering the most authentic, most vibrant, the truest YOU.


Reconnect to your deepest knowing and you will uncover the most authentic, most vibrant, the truest YOU.

Janneke Krijgsman

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