Maarten van Huijstee

Maarten is first and foremost a human being and proud father to Philip, Alexander and Victoria, and dedicated husband to Anna. Despite his diverse career in marketing and advertising, founding a few companies, and an extensive list of chairs on numerous boards and committees, there has always been one thing Maarten’s heart has consistently been trying to tell him...To just sit. In silence. And simply meditate.

Maarten founded Wisdom in Business, the Inner Peace Conference, Delight Yoga and The Playing Circle. These initiatives function as a community of people and a network of organizations united around one sole purpose: to guide people towards more conscious living and working. His understanding was shaped by many experiences in life. Early in his career, he worked for Unilever and Heineken, which allowed him to think big in terms of organization and communication. Leading creative agencies like TAXI taught him the power of storytelling. Alongside his work, Maarten studied philosophy, meditation and movement with masters throughout the world for over 20 years. Ranging from Transcendental to more traditional Buddhist meditation.

He discovered that anyone is able to achieve wisdom through inner work, openness and discipline. These experiences made him realize he wanted to help others find their own natural wisdom. The last 10 years, Maarten has been helping creative and business leaders to make this journey inward. In doing so, they master the art of living through the ability to find inner peace. Besides sitting in silence, Maarten loves surfing, nature and can appreciate a good documentary from time to time.


Meditation is not about controlling thought. It's about not letting thought control you

Maarten van Huijstee

Inner Peace Network

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